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Talking about "Borrow-&-Return"...

actually that was a major part of our lives in the 60s & 70s.

We returned the Coca-Cola / 7-up / Vitasoy glass bottles to stores after drinking, and got refunded with the deposit.

We didn't have to wash the bottles.

Sometimes we returned by tray or case, and the shop owner was so happy to see those glass bottles.

You could returned those bottles to any shops that sold the soda drinks in glass bottles.

For congee or wonton noodles, we brought our own pots, enamel or aluminium pots, no glass because it's heavy & fragile.


Revive "borrow-&-return"? 

To reduce plastic waste and pollution, yes, it is definitely a model worth reviving.

The model sounds simple, so it should be easy to adopt.  Wait a minute...


Starbucks & other major chain coffee shops have started the BYO-mug reward programme more than a decade ago. So,

It's not about the reward system. 

It's not about the App.

It's not about mug design or materials.

It's about customer behaviour, our habits.

Be honest with ourselves and yourself.  Why don't we bring our own mugs or bottles?

"We are too busy", "forgot to bring", "no space in bag", "next time"... lots of reasons or excuses.


The soda glass bottle tells us, all we want is CONVENIENCE!

WELU is here to give you the CONVENIENT SOLUTION! 

current method


- merchant specific

- have to go back & return

- a linear model

- response rate ~3% in the past decade

- each brand doing their own programme results in inefficiency & ineffectiveness

Paper Cups

Sales vs Sanitation

- merchants want faster traffic / business

- workers can't handle mugs of different sizes

- customers have concern on reusables sanitation

true convenience


Borrow when & where you need it.


Items in market common sizes. Easy for merchants to use


Clear container(s). Return to drop-off box


We collect & do the washing for you.


Work Place Modular.

Event Modular.

WELU "we lend u..."Services

E.s.g. benefits

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