• Incubation Period

    7-21 days

  • Virus stays in the air

    Up to 3 hours

  • Why wear masks?

    In case you are the carrier OR you are close to carrier

  • Protect & Prevent

    Protect yourself = Protect health-care workers

Europe & USA is reacting...​

Coronavirus is NOT a a flu, it is worse. You might get infected WITHOUT knowing it, and silently pass on to your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours...

According to CDC & WHO, hospitalisation rate is ~19%! No country in this world has a medical system or resources huge enough to prepare for this. You can imagine the risks & pressure health-care workers are facing every single day. In Italy, we lost 60 doctors already.


We, as civilians, must do our best NOT to get sick. Mask is NOT a magic wand, but looking at the statistics above especially in regions like HK, Korea, Japan... the curve is more levelled.


Recently some of our clients ask us to help sourcing face masks.

There are thousands of factories manufacturing masks, with different factory environments & mask qualities. Some areas in China having a virtual &/ physical market places operate like "Mask Commodity Market" selling millions & millions of masks at unbelievable low rates. We are NOT into this.

Any sub-standard masks will put people's lives at risk,

hence we are extra cautious when screen-checking the factories. 


  We have shortlisted some factories in China that are reliable, with dust-free factory, certificates, test reports... If you think the MOQ & prices below are good, please contact us. Hope we can help.


  It is suggested to AIR few and SHIP big lot. Due to the huge demands on masks world-wide, there is at least a week's wait for air shipment & it is calculated by volumetric weight. If you can consolidate the orders with other companies &/ organisations, then ocean freight is a good choice. 

3-ply flat mask

3 Different types:

1) Civilian protection

2) Medical protection

3) Surgical protection

3-D mask


2 Different types:

1) Civil protection

2) Medical protection

   *prices will be updated every 2 days. latest version "Apr 15, 2020"*   

flat Mask

1) civil use

- BFE >95%

- CE / FDA

- Dust-free environment

- The lowest price

- Say 50,000pc

- Starting USD 0.346

flat mask

2) medical use

- BFE >95%

- CE / FDA

- Dust-free environment

- Type II

- Registered under China NMPA

- Say 100,000pc

- Starting USD 0.432

flat mask

3) surgical use

- BFE >95%

- CE / FDA

- Virus-free environment

- Type IIR

- Registered under China NMPA

- Say 100,000pc

- Starting USD 0.518

3-D mask


1) civil use

- BFE >95%

- CE / FDA

- Dust-free environment

- FFP2

- Registered under China NMPA

- Say 50,000pc

- Starting USD 1.45

3-D mask


2) surgical use

- Same as N95 NOISH, the supply & prices are very unstable. Please check with us directly if you are interested.

Prices are based on ex-work, including VAT.

Price changes everyday / every 2 days. Pls check with us for the latest pricing.

With CE / FDA / test reports

We provide CE / FDA / Test reports for the masks

Reliable factories

We have screen-checked the factories for you, they have dust-free or virus-free environment

Registered under china NMPA

China NMPA (National Medical Products Administration) is similar to FDA in US. Registered factories = compliant with national standard

Allow QC before shipment

For qty over 300k, QC can be arranged (at extra cost) for your order at factory before shipment.

Frequently asked questions

Why we buy masks from you?

Thousands of factories flooded into the market to produce masks since Jan 2020. As we received inquiries from our clients asking us to help sourcing some masks, hence we have screen-checked and shortlisted few reliable factories. During this difficult time, mask are not another toy or plate, we will not impress you with "as low as $xxx". Masks are essential to protect your lives as well as health-care workers. As long as we stay healthy, we can protect our health-care workers. Yes, we take this seriously, from civil mask to surgical mask, all are manufactured under dust-free or virus-free environment, with certificates & test reports. *Those for medical use are registered under China NMPA, many factories cannot produce this.*

Why the mask price has gone up so much?

The melt-blown filtration fabric as well as the non-woven fabric has gone up like 20-40 times since the outbreak. We know it is crazy but there is nothing much we can do. Besides, the price changes everyday or every 2 days. The price we provide here is for yoru quick reference only. Do check with us again when you are prepared to order. We anticipate as more European countries & US encourage people to wear masks, the mask price will further go up. Despite this, the global demand will only aggrevate the shortage.

Payment terms

For qty < 100,000pc, usually it requires 100% in advance. For order >300,000pc, we can request to arrange 50% deposit and balance before shipment. If need be, we can request to arrange QC on your order before shipment with additional cost.

Lead time

For qty < 50K pc, possible to have ready stock. For qty > 50K - 300K pc, usually 3-5 days. For qty ~ 1 million, 2-4 weeks. *Above is subject to the actual schedule of the production line.

How do I know the mask quality?

We will provide you CE / FDA certificates and all necessary test reports. For medical or surgical masks, factories are registered under NMPA (National Medical Products Adminstration) in China. *Many factories in the market do NOT have this*

Packaging & Packing

The price is based on bulk pack to save shipping cost, e.g. 50pc each bag, then bags into shipper carton. On request basis, we can also pack masks in bag which go into a small box, then boxes into shipper carton. Qty per shipper will be fewer compares to bulk pack.

Custom declaration

The price is based on ex-work. 1) You need to add VAT for FOB arrangement, or 2) You can arrange pick up from factory & export from China (without VAT) In either case, plesae make sure you request all necessary documents for custom declaration during import &/or export. For civil use mask, it is suggested to declare "disposable masks" and not "medical / surgical masks".

"CLICK" on the below images to learn more 

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