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About our material

PLA (Poly-Lactic Acid) is made of corn or plant starch extract.

It looks like PP or PET plastic but actually has NO fossil-base plastic.

It is compostable and can break down in certain composting conditions.

It is also BPA-free with NO-toxic chemicals.


For COLD drinks: up to 60 degree celsius

PLA Cold Cups & Lids (clear)

For HOT drinks & food: up to 80 degree celsius

PLA Hot Cups lids / PLA Cutlery / PLA Straws / PLA Coffee stirrers

Paper hot cups & takeaway boxes  with PLA Lining - up to 80 degree celsius

SAFE for our bodies, and ECO to the earth!

PLA mug - made from corn / plant starch extract

How ECO is PLA?

PLA (Poly-Lactic Acid) uses 47% LESS non-renewable energy, and generates 59% LESS Greenhouse Gas emissions than the average plastic manufacturing.

It contains 0% fossil-base plastic, made of 100% natural material.

PLA is probably the best material to replace conventional plastic.

Will PLA affect people with corn sensitivities?

PLA (polylactic acid) is made from corn starch and glucose, which both contain very small amounts of corn protein. Any recognizable corn protein though would be destroyed by the heat and fermentation processes used to make the PLA.

Why not organic corn?

We strongly support organic agriculture, but using organic corn would add at least 30% more to the price of the product, and we feel that it is not a cost we could afford or pass on to clients and consumers.

BPA-free eco can & cafe mug.png

PLA is absolutely safe for kids as well as for adults!  

All PLA mugs are BPA-free with NO-plastic & NO toxic chemicals.

PLA is a corn or plant starch extract, hence it is biodegradable and compostable

(*under certain composting condition).

ECO Can Eco mug - durability

It is disposable. 

what about the shelf life?

*NEW* PLA coffee stirrers - 6 to 9 months

All other PLA disposable items - around 1 year


After the above, the material will start weakening and become brittle.

Storage condition should be dray & cool.

It also means we do not cheat you on the material :)  

Some customers claimed the shelf life is longer than expected.

Information about our...

PLA - disposable items

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Will it gradually biodegradable when using / put in backyard?

No, it will NOT biodegradable under normal usage.

Biodegradation only starts when it is buried in a certain composting environment.

If you have any other questions, please...

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