An ECO mug made from corn with NO-plastic.

BPA-free with NO toxic chemcials or plasticizer.

Reusable, biodegradable & compostable (*at certain composting environment).

Truly eco & safe for those who cares about the health & environment. 

Heat resistant up to 120 degree celsius, microwave safe & dishwasher safe (top rack).


Good enough for TALL coffe. Suitable for any acidic drinks like coffee, herbal tea, juice... as it is made from natural materials.


Before putting into the microwave, remember to REMOVE the mug sleeve as the carabiner is made from metal.


As it is made from natural materials, the mug will last for about 2 years before the material starts to get weaken, e.g. it will get brittle and crack easier when you first bought it. It also means we do not cheat you on the material :)  Some customers claimed the mugs last more than 2 years.


*Read carefully our "user tips" inside each mug before using.

Cafe Plus 400ml - (Turquoise) Felt mug sleeve with carabiner