PERFECT for busy people or those who travels a lot yet love some green at home or office! It is specially ideal for indoor environment without sufficient and consistently sunlight.


- It waters the plant for you from 2-3 weeks.

- Soil (Peat) are preset with seeds and specific nutrients for the plant / herb.

- Simply follow the INSTRUCTIONS to set up. Insert batteries and water.

- Each plant / herb has different growth rate. Be patient and enjoy the harvest.

- Want another plant? Purchase other REFILL for Smart Pot

- ADD the LED Grow Light, specially designed for plant growth, to see your harvest sooner :) It is pre-grammed with 8 hours ON and 8 hours OFF, give you a total smart solution.


*Remove the clear acrylic cover ONLY when you see the sprouts reach to the top

*Once you complete the set up, it will take 1-2 weeks for seedlings to turn into sprouts. You should see the clear acrylic cover with some moist. If not, that means no water is supplied to the seedlings. Reset and do the set up again.



[Due to quarantine restriction to most countries, we can ONLY ship to Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau. For other countries, we are unable to commit to fulfill the shipment. Consumer has to take their own risk to import this product / the refills]




Smart Pot - Cockscomb

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