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"BRING YOUR OWN..." is the ECO attitude we need to protect our environment. EcoPlusEco has a range of REUSABLE products to minimize waste and reduce plastic use!
自備...” 是我們應具備的環保態度。 EcoPlusEco推出的一系列可重複使用的產品,鼓勵大家減廢和減塑!


Tyvek Snack Bag, Set of 2 (FDA food grade TPU lining)

(White & Natural colour, one each)

Tyvek 小食袋,2 件套(FDA 食品級 TPU 內層)


  • Generous size – 20*13.5*7.5D cm
  • Super-light material, and foldable 
  • Reusable. Water and stain resistant 
  • Durable. Untearable 
  • Hand-washable 
  • Recyclable


  • 大尺寸 - 20*13.5*7.5D厘米
  • 超輕材質,可折疊
  • 可重複使用的, 防水防
  • 耐用,不會撕裂
  • 可手洗
  • 可回收



Tyvek® paper is known for…

  • Strength and durability 
  • Its lightweight and malleable nature 
  • Resistance to liquids and chemicals 
  • Resistance to mould and mildew 
  • Insulating properties 


Tyvek® 紙的特性:

  • 強韌和耐用
  • 超輕材質和可延展性
  • 防液體和化學物
  • 防霉菌和黴菌
  • 隔溫性能



Though the proper names might be unfamiliar, it is very likely you have already encountered. Remember the Fedex envelope or hospital wrist strap?


Tyvek® is made from polyethylene fibers, the same material as recyclable plastic bottles, it is 100% recyclable. Tyvek® paper was developed and commercialized by science company, DuPont™. The paper is made of 100% high density polyethylene fibers. 


你可能對這個物料名稱不熟悉,但你好有可能已經碰過。 還記得聯邦快遞信封或醫院腕帶嗎?

Tyvek® 紙具以上的特色, 是杜邦化工™ 公司的專利產品。 由高密度聚乙烯纖維製成,與可回收塑料瓶的材料相同,100% 可回收。



Tyvek Snack Bag x2 (Chill)

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