CAFE PLUS 400ML with NEW Lid!

走塑植物杯 Cafe Plus 400ml - 全新蓋!


An ECO mug made from corn with NO-plastic.

BPA-free with NO toxic chemcials or plasticizer.

Reusable, biodegradable & compostable (*at certain composting environment).

Truly eco & safe for those who cares about the health & environment. 

Heat resistant up to 120 degree celsius, microwave safe & dishwasher safe (top rack).

這個是非一般的環保杯! 它由粟米澱粉質提煉出來,100%絕無塑膠




它可耐冷耐熱 (-20°C- 120°C),可入微波爐和洗碗碟機(上層)


Good enough for TALL coffe. Suitable for any acidic drinks like coffee, herbal tea, juice... as it is made from natural materials.

容量剛好給一杯 TALL size 咖啡、茶、菓汁...適合酸和鹼性飲品,皆因Cafe Plus 是由天然物料製成


Before putting into the microwave, remember to REMOVE the mug sleeve IF it has a carabiner which is made from metal.

放入微波爐前,切記要把蓋先移除. *如杯套有金屬或金屬爬山扣,切記要移除


As it is made from natural materials, the mug will last for about 2 years before the material starts to get weaken, e.g. it will get brittle and crack easier when you first bought it. It also means we do not cheat you on the material :)  Some customers claimed the mugs last more than 2 years.

它是耐用的,但要考慮它是由天然材料製成,所以可使用大約2 - 3年。


其實這是好事,代表我們沒有騙你/妳,物料真的沒有塑料 :)  但有些客人也說已用了超過兩年了


*Read carefully our "user tips" inside each mug before using.


Cafe Plus 400ml_Reversible Mug Sleeve_Beige

    • It's a single-wall mug, hence it is not a thermo mug. You can always use microwave oven to reheat your drink. If you do so, please remember to REMOVE the cap, to avoid building pressure inside the mug.
    • As the mug is made from natural material, it's good for drinks like coffee, tea, juice...
    • Wash mug immediately after use to avoid odor / residue / colour pigmentation
    • Use soft sponge to clean the mug. Do NOT use bleach / chlorine / abrasive sponge.
    • Mug is spill-proof. Keep it upright when filled with hot beverage.
    • Do NOT use it as a shaker.
    • Do NOT scartch the print  with nails / hard objects.
    • It is microwave safe, for reheating purpose.
    • It is dish-washer TOP RACK safe.
    • It is pretty durable, consider it is made from natural materials, around 2-3 years. After 2 years, the material will start weakening and become brittle. Say if you accidentally drop it on the floor, there is higher chance the mug will crack compares to when you first bought it. It also means we do not cheat you on the material :)   Some customers claimed the mugs last more than 2 years.