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"BRING YOUR OWN..." is the ECO attitude we need to protect our environment. We have range of REUSABLE products to minimize waste and reduce plastic use!

自備...”是我們應具備的環保態度。 推出的一系列可重複使用的產品,鼓勵大家減廢和減塑!


Washable Kraft Paper Cardholder. Set of 2. (Vegan choice)

Grey & natural colour, one each.

Protect your smart cards & credit cards with RFID Protection!

水洗牛皮紙卡套. 一套兩件(素食者選擇)灰色和自然色,各一個

卡套有 RFID 保護, 來保護您的智能卡和信用卡! 


  • Size: 12*9.4cm.
  • NO leather
  • Reusable. Water and stain repellent 
  • Durable. Untearable 
  • Machine-washable 
  • Recyclable 


  • 尺寸:12*9.4cm
  • 不含皮革料
  • 可重複使用, 防水防
  • 耐用,不會撕裂
  • 可洗衣機清洗
  • 可回收


Washable kraft paper is a leather and fabric alternative that is lightweight and washable. It's also vegan friendly, as no animal products are used in its manufacture. It will age and soften, forming wrinkly marks like leather.


It is a German engineered paper that were used in making jeans tags. It is made from natural paper fibre that has been tanned, resulting it to be very durable and water resistance, thus the name washable. 


Washable paper is produced from cellulose fiber. This is a substrate of wood, and is a natural material. The percentage ranges between 60 and 90%. Another major ingredient is synthetic latex (5 to 35%). The recipe also contains 0.5 to 2% artificial additives and pigment. In addition, 4 to 6% water is also included. 



水洗牛皮紙是一種環保物料, 可水洗, 是皮革和織物的替代物料; 特別適合素食主義者,因其製造過程中不使用任何動物產品。 它會越用越軟,就像皮革一樣, 帶著使用過的皺紋痕跡。


水洗牛皮紙是德國發明的一種通常用於製作牛仔褲標籤的環保紙, 它由經過鞣製的天然紙纖維製成,因而非常耐用和耐水,就如其名水洗牛皮紙。


可水洗紙由纖維素纖維製成, 源自木材,是一種天然材料 (60% - 90%), 另一種主要成分是合成乳膠(5% - 35%); 配方還包含 0.5 - 2% 的人工添加劑和顏料, 和 4% - 6% 水。

Washable Kraft Cardholder / RFID Protection x2

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