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About our material

Our bamboo-fibre products have high biodegradable content ~70%

with NO fossil-base plastic.

~30-35% melamine as bonding agent.

Complies with EU food safe standard.

Dishwasher (top rack) safe & BPA-free.

Heat resistant up to 100 degree celsius.

PLA mug - made from corn / plant starch extract

How ECO is bamboo-fibre?

It has high biodegradable content ~70% depends on the products.

That 70% consists of bamboo-fibre, corn starch & wood pulp.

Bamboo grows fast without using chemical fertiliser.

Bamboo is a sustainable source.

spill proof 3.png

It is spill-proof

All bamboo-fibre mugs & containers are spill-proof.

Most have a silicone ring to give a decent seal.

Keep the products upright when you are on the go.

*The production method is different from normal plastic products. Products are produced using press moulding instead of injection moulding which lacks precision, hence unable to achieve leak-proof effect.

microwave safe - eco can & cafe plus.png

Can I put it in microwave?

No. Do NOT put bamboo-fibre products in microwave.

dishwasher safe - eco can & cafe plus.png

Is it dishwasher safe?

Yes, on TOP rack. Take it out and dry it immediately after washing cycle.

Can I put it inside sanitizer or oven?

No, the products are NOT suitable for sanitizer / oven.

bio green 4.png

Will it gradually biodegradable when using / put in backyard?

No, it will NOT biodegradable under normal usage.


*Biodegradation in general, only takes place when items are buried under soil or

biodegradable environment.

BPA-free eco can & cafe mug.png

Bamboo-fibre has NO fossil-base plastic & it is BPA-free .

All our bamboo-fibre tableware complies with FDA & EU food safe grade standard.

The colourful melamine kids sets available in the market, which looks glossy white, light & thick, is actually NON-heat resistant. Seldom do parents know these melamine products are ONLY good for food or drinks up to 60 degree celsius. Misuse can cause leaching of formaldehyde &/or chemical migration to food & drinks.


Our bamboo-fibre kids dinning set using bamboo-fibre has low melamine content, heat resistant up to 100 degree celsius. It is much better, safer & more pracitcal than regular melamine kids tableware.

print on eco can & cafe plus

Is the print on the the products durable & food safe?

Yes, ONLY when used and cleaned properly.

Do NOT use bleach / chlorine / abrasive sponge for cleaning.

Do NOT use finger nails or sharp objects to scratch it.

ECO Can Eco mug - durability

It is reusable, but is it durable?

It is reusable and pretty durable, can last for few years.

Do NOT scratch it with hard or sharp objects as it attracts accumulation of dirts and bacterial on the scratch marks.


For hygiene reason, experts do suggest us to replace products after 2-3 years.

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