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About the material

For the love our protecting animals, we choose to use PU leather which is cruelty-free.

It is synthetic material, durable & stain-resistant.

It has massive range of textures and colours.

We know there are some plant-base leather in the market, however they are too costly with limited textures to choose. Some are even more expensive than real leather. Once the price can come down, we will definitely include them in our material options. 

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How ECO is PU leather?

Tanning process of real leather is very polluting.

The chemicals used are also harmful to the environment and workers. 

For that, we prefer to use PU leather.

Some PU leather are made of recycled materials which align with our eco principles.

ECO Can Eco mug - durability

make it durable

PU leather is stain-resistant & water repellent.

Remove dirt with damp cloth if need be.

Keep it away from direct sunlight or heat.

It can last for more than few years if use properly.

Information about...

cruelty-free PU leather

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Do NOT use machine wash. Use damp cloth or brush to remove stain or dirt.

Extreme temperature &/or moist might cause products to deform or crack.

If you have any other questions, please...

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